In conversation with Stefan Persson in the first Dhaka H&M office and Bjorn Palmqvist (left) who was the former Regional manager of Hong Kong when I was at H&M. My memory clearly states that he was saying to one of the leading manufacture (Right) that “Dhaka Liaison office is the Best Liaison office in H&M World” That made my chest wide and inspired to work harder motivation was running throughout my body. Stefan Persson is the current Chairman of H&M and this was his first visit to Bangladesh this office as well.

Mamun Kabir Bhuiyan
Managing Director & CEO
Technocraft World Corporation
Technocraft World wide Ltd
Dhaka , Bangladesh

Example of World Class Woven Composite Factory

This is one of the large factories which has been a player in the RMG industry since 1983 and has been active exclusively in the woven garments segment. They take every care to maintain promise of high quality and substance. As a result, earning industry wide recognition; It is the only factory in Bangladesh, to have Jc Penney self-audit certification, They also Received National Export Trophy 6 times and 4 star award from Levi Strauss , for five years.

They are maintain a consistent high quality standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities and take pride in the efficiency of what they do.

Example of World Class Lingerie / Under Wear Factory

They were setup as a fully vertical operation for the sole purpose of manufacturing high quality brassiere. ALL specializes in brassieres using mostly in house fabrics, narrow fabrics (elastics) etc. They produce a wide range of styles and designs using a variety of fabrics, lace and accessories based on customer’s requirement. The plant is fully equipped to produce high quality molded and non-molded bra, with or without pad, with or without under-wire and bra with traditional seams.

The total production capacity of the ALL for the different types of bra is 1.8 to 2.0 million pieces of bra per month. The production facility is sufficiently flexible to allow 15-20% additional capacity of any of the items.