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    25+ years experience
    In Apparels, Fashion & Textile

Technocraft Worldwide Ltd and Technocraft World Corporation is one of the leading traders in the world. Fashion, apparel, luxury, and designer are our responsibility to give you what it is demanded by the world class brands. Technocraft is known for its loyalty, on time delivery and for maintaining the quality of standard. The products are eye candy. We deliver superior styling, quality and value to consumers worldwide. Style, comfort and timeless look are offered by us at the best price possible in the market. Our business concept is to give you the best at the best price.

Our owner Mamun Kabir Bhuyian has all the qualities needed for a trader and has a good hold on the market as well as on the world class factories. He has hold us like an UMBRELLA that protects everyone.He has been working in this line for more than 25 years and knows about the market very well. He joined H&M in 1985 that are now the top in the world in retailed chain business today. He worked with them for almost 16 years in different positions working his way up from the bottom to the top. Then he left H&M in the year 2000 and immediately started his own business as a Buying agent with Åhléns AB who are now the top in Sweden and have been in this business for more than 100 years.

We have a good knowledge about the market and have a lot of experience. Furthermore we have experience on the technical sides, management, follow up the order etc. We also deliver the goods on time and also are assured that you will get your goods. We never make the factory and the buyer confuse also we are highly experience and know our work very well which we can say with confident. Maybe the reason for which the buyers or compliance factory doesn’t want to work with traders is perhaps they don’t do/give the things we do or offer. We work for limited buyers and world class compliance factories only. There are many compliance factories which are developed but associated with us. Among them we show you these, knit wear, Underwear(lingirie), and Wovenwear factories as an example.

That’s why we (Technocraft) want to work as a direct Agent with the world class buyers rather than to be a middle man. Our main aim is to work Joint Venture with world class buyers or work as direct agent with world class buyers. We still work as buying agent/sourcing agent and we look forward to do it with optimism. But working as Joint venture is our soul aim and wish. We work for limited buyers and factory only. In addition to that we assure you that the employees of Technocraft are highly skilled in their respective departments. The employees are the best in what they do. Technocraft works with team work. It is not done single handedly. Each of us is highly trained and work together very carefully. We will look after the order from placing to shipment. You can have good sleep resting assure that your will work will be done and you will get what you wanted 100 percent guaranteed.

Why choose us

  • We are leading traders in the world. Fashion, apparel, luxury,    and designer.
  • We do not hesitate to give superior styling, quality & value to    consumer's worldwide.
  • Our business concept is to give you the best at the best price.
  • Our employees are highly trained in what they do.
  • They are very much confident about the quality of the    products.
  • Employees do not do work single handedly.
  • Work is done very carefully.
  • Associate Member of Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers    and Exporters Association (BGMEA)
       Technocraft World Corporation (Reg: 272)
  • Our common goal is to impress you with our capabilities regarding this business. We will make sure you get impressed and come back to us again with optimism.

    Our Capabilities

    Customer Services. 99.9%
    On Time Delivery. 99.5%
    Quality assurance team ensures the best quality. 99%
    Overseas Customers. 99.9%
    Research and Development (R&D) 85%

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    Technocraft Worldwide Ltd.

    Technocraft World Corporation

    Corporate Office

    House # 55,Road # 18 Sector # 03,
    Uttara,Dhaka-1230 Bangladesh

    Phone: +88-02-8922408

    E-mail: info@technocraftworld.com
    Support: support@technocraftworld.com
    Web: www.technocraftworld.com