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In conversation with Stefan Persson in the first Dhaka H&M office and Bjorn Palmqvist (left) who was the former Regional manager of Hong Kong when I was at H&M. My memory clearly states that he was saying to one of the leading manufacture (Right) that “Dhaka Liaison office is the Best Liaison office in H&M World” That made my chest wide and inspired to work harder motivation was running throughout my body. Stefan Persson is the current Chairman of H&M and this was his first visit to Bangladesh this office as well.

Mamun Kabir Bhuiyan
Managing Director & CEO
Technocraft World Corporation
Technocraft World wide Ltd
Dhaka , Bangladesh

Example of an World Class Woven Composite Factory

This is one of the large factories which has been a player in the RMG industry since 1983 and has been active exclusively in the woven garments segment. They take every care to maintain promise of high quality and substance.

They are  maintain a consistent high quality standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities and take pride in the efficiency of what they do.

They are specializing in the manufacture and washing of all manner of woven apparel. Their  Units capable of producing 60,000 dozens a month, 40,000 pcs washing a day with 25 Lines, and over 4500 work force.

They  have an expert IT team, with customized oracle software for better tracking of their  goods, right from order placement to shipping out, while their  in-house C&F Team in both Dhaka & Chittagong in lieu with their  transportation unit ensure firm grip on lead-time.
The production staff is composed of a blend of the young and the experienced with focus on productivity and efficiency. They sketch, grade, make markers and spread cloth with practiced efficiency, savings costs with every skilled cut and shorting. Shipments are cleared deftly by our expert C&F squad who cut back on the lead time and provide us a competitive edge.

Above all a well experienced top management team with close follow-up one very department and in touch with the worker’s needs as well as the company vision and the exact requirements of their customers.

Production Capacity:

It has the capacity to produce 65,000 Dozens woven garments a month combining both the units.

Quality Policy:

They have dedicated team of experienced product specialists focusing on every customer segment.
The Final Quality Assurance Department comprising of shade checkers and quality checkers carry out their inspection on the garments to ensure that the processed garments are consistent with the correct shades, tone, texture, abrasions or any other necessary requirements.
They have around 300 quality personnel – stationed at various strategic points – from inline to final garment form have an independent in-house Audit team, reporting to top management only.
All sewing operations guided by in-house detail operation manuals, to ensure uniformity of products coming out of different lines.

They make it upmost priority to make their customers' experience with their garments, the best in the industry.


HR Policies:

Strictly follows Bangladesh labor laws. Was amongst the 1st few factories, to implement the new labor law immediately in Oct 2006
·         Do not exceed the working hour limits. Weekly one day off.
·         Sound working Environment. No physical & mental pressure can be imposed
·         No forced Labor, No prison labor,No child labor
·         Workers have rights to refuse Overtime.
·         Workers have rights to form unions .
·         Scope for listening personal problems, financial difficulties.

Medical Service:

They have well equipped medical clinic in the facility with 04 (Four) Beds & 04 (Four) Doctors, with 1 (One) qualified diploma Nurse.They give free medicines & treatment facility during working hours. They have a standby Ambulance Service for emergencies. The company sometimes bears full treatment cost including hospital charges. During this period the company the full absence is treated as a paid leave.

Fire Protection:

Factory has firefighting team, about 20% workers well trained up on fire safety training and have certificated and factory also well equipped.

Responsible Team:

  •          Leader of the firefighting team.
  •          welfare officer
  •          Head of the maintenance department.
  •      Head of the security department

Daily basis action plan:

All fire members must wear their dresses during working hour.
Floor evacuation should be free from all type of blocked.
All firefighting equipment should be kept in any suitable place of the floor and regularly monitoring it.
All exits should be free open and unlock during the working hour.
Fire drill exercise minimum once in a month.
There is regular fire safety awareness program arrange for the worker to face a emergency evacuation incase fire.

Maternity Facility:

According to existing labor law 2006. They are providing maternity benefit to all female employees.

Child Care Unit:

They have a child care unit for workers including playing area and special wash room. The company provides them with free nourishing food. Two full time care giver looks after them during factory working hours.

Clean Environment:

The company is not only compliant of the requirements of the COC but also maintains high standards of green production and social responsibility as it also promotes healthy workers as clean environment prevents accident and the spread of illness.
Backed by their in house Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) they guarantee Green Production to minimize  effect on the environment.
They are enforces a precise Supplier Code of Conduct. Their teams undergo extensive training to gain the awareness, knowledge and necessary skills to meet compliance requirements.


Human Resources:

  • Strictly follows Bangladesh labor laws. Was amongst the 1st few factories, to implement the new labor law immediately in Oct 2006, itself. No compromise on Compliance
  • Wages & Overtime payments are made together by 7th of every month
  • Two Festive Bonuses.
  •  Performance Bonus; Red card, Best worker, Best Line.
  • Annual increment gives every July, based on Performance.
  • Target bonus, given to entire line, in terms of extra OT hours payment, on achieving respective targets.

Quality & Production:

Strong monitoring tools, quality check points at various stages, own working manuals etc.
Strong quality team: Various in-house independent audit teams, working side by side & reporting to top Management only.
They follow the SMV process of producing garments that allows for the leanest production process and lowest overheads.

  •          Computerized Marker~ Investronica. system
  •          Have light box , Needle Detector, button pull test machine
  •          Have in-house washing, including Sand blasting.
  •          Have ETP (effluent treatment plant).
  •          Have in-house embroidery.


Highly dedicated and devoted workforce , working as 1 team towards the success of the company.
Blend of young & experienced production and quality team, with focus and understanding on productivity and efficiency.
Expats working in production and IE Departments for increasing efficiency
Strong Marketing and Merchandising Department.
Strong Finance and Commercial Team
Own C&F Team in both Dhaka & Chittagong with in-house transportation unit for better grip on lead-time. Does not have to depend on transport agencies for shipments to be taken to the port city having their own Lorries.
Have their own IT department where their  programmers are constantly working in upgrading their  in-house ERP and      tracking software which tracks entire process of the company starting from import of raw materials to shipment. Every department of the company is      under their  own programmed system for better efficiency and tracking. Merchandising, Accounts, Finance, Production, HR and Commercial are all interlinked under their  system.


Provide free lunch to all employees (no deduction is made for this)
Have 4 MBBS doctors in-house, working at roaster duty (in morning & afternoon).
Have a full time in-house Ambulance.

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