Design and Development

Design and Development

We are very much serious about the requirements of the customers. While Maintaining the quality of the goods and ensuring a definite standard, we then focus on the latest trending designs that the customers require and developing our service constantly.

Trend Scouting: We set up a scouting team and send them overseas to scout the latest trends and designs. Once we get new ideas, we work on that.

Collection Development: We constantly work on developing our collection and our scouting team plays a big role in it. They scout the latest trends and we work on setting a certain standard to it and try adding that to our collection. Thus our collection increases and we have more to offer our customers.

Service Development: Our one of the very main targets is to satisfy our customers, thus, we constantly work one developing our service by trying to offer better quality and bigger collection and customer service. Any complaints made or ideas suggested by the customer is taken very seriously.

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