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In conversation with Stefan Persson in the first Dhaka H&M office and Bjorn Palmqvist (left) who was the former Regional manager of Hong Kong when I was at H&M. My memory clearly states that he was saying to one of the leading manufacture (Right) that “Dhaka Liaison office is the Best Liaison office in H&M World” That made my chest wide and inspired to work harder motivation was running throughout my body. Stefan Persson is the current Chairman of H&M and this was his first visit to Bangladesh this office as well.

Mamun Kabir Bhuiyan
Managing Director & CEO
Technocraft World Corporation
Technocraft World wide Ltd
Dhaka , Bangladesh

Example of an World Class Knit Composite Factory

This is an Example of a manufacturer of all types of knit wears, especially Basic & Fancy T-Shirt for all ranges, Polo Shirt, Night wear, Shorts, Fleece Jacket, Kids items, Tank Top etc.

Production Operation

Production Operation is being operated by experienced Production team.

Quality Management:

  • Product quality is assured in every step of operation from sourcing to packing We’ve Independent Audit team to monitor the whole quality and inspectionprocedure and reporting directly to TOP management.
  • Fabric inspection : 4 point fabric inspection method
  • Inline Inspection : Traffic light system (7pcs)
  • Mid line /Pre-final : AQL 1.
  • 90 degree needle/metal detection arrangement based on customer requirement.

    Production Planning & Control:

Planning sits at the heart of any business, Using Modern UK based Production Planning software “FASTREACT” for determining strategic marketing plan, Production Planning / Critical Path, Delivery control.

On time delivery performance from Jan to Feb/13 is 98.5%, target for 100% by the end of year 2013.


 It plays a critical role in every production phase, especially in dyeing and knitting process to  maintain the high quality of satisfaction of customers. We’ve three independent laboratory:

·     Yarn testing Lab:
      Before going to knitting we’re checking yarn count, twist, evenness to get the accurate GSM and fabric construction.

·     Production Lab: 
      Complete lab solutions from ATAC, including auto dispensing- ROBOLAB ( Greece) and Spectra flash –Data Color ( USA) makes this lab very confident and helping to dyeing section to achieve target color and quality.

Quality Lab: 
      This lab is fully equipped to perform all types of physical test of Fabric and Garments. At this moment we’ve no facility to test AZO, we’re planning to add this AZO test facility very soon.


        Per day Knitting Capacity is – 20,000 kgs.
        We are equipped with Circular knit production machines by Mayer & Cie  (Germany) FUKAHARA, Jung Lung   with 100% Lycra attachment.
        The range of manufactured knitting linens:

  •     Lycra rib
  •     Lycra Single Jersey
  •     Lycra Lacoste
  •     Engineering Stripe
  •     Wafle
  •     Rib 2×2
  •     Rib 1X1
  •     Single Jersey
  •     Lapique (Lacoste)
  •     Double thread fleece
  •     Interlock

      Per day production 30,000 KGs with well-equipped machineries ATYC, THIES, SCLAVOS & skilled dyeing workforce.

    Sewing Production:

      Sewing Line: 90 lines,
      Machine: 2500 nos
      Production Capacity: 140,000 pcs per day
      Sewing knitwear made exclusively on JUKI (Japan), Brother, Pegasus cervical machine, quality of work which does not require comment.

      Our park of equipment allows a wide range of knitwear – 110,000 pieces a day.

    Embroidery Printing & Washing:

      Per day Printing Capacity is – 100,000 pcs.
      We are equipped with printing machines by ALPHA 8 by M&R, Schenk-Spider Auto &  Manual. All type of printing they can do.
      embroidery machines Tajima-Japan with capacity of 30 million Stitches.


       Occupational Health and Safety:

      Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) remains integral to workplace safety and a nurturing environment for employees. Our compliance is international standard and achieved various certifications, and constantly increasing best practices. In recognition of minimizing risks and occupational hazards in the workplace, Fakir Apparels Ltd. was adjudged as certified by various certified body like WRAP, OEKO-TEX, Global Group etc.

 Some of Best Practices:
      Oeko-Tex Certification: Issued by Testex, the Institute of the International Association for Research and Testing in Zurich for compliance in labelling and chemical dying.

      Kaizen: A continuous improvement effort that calls for a holistic inclusive approach by every employee

      5 S: A widely practiced Japanese improvement process based on, “Sort, Straighten, Shine, Systemise and Sustain” with “Safety” as the sixth option.


      They are  providing canteen facility for its workers as well as management staffs. It is capable of catering the demands of all staffs. It has spacious, decorated and hygienic canteen. Generally it is run by experienced cook. canteen also caters in the various functions organized programs like seminers, conferences, workshops etc.

     Daycare Centre:

      They have well equipped and decorated childcare/daycare center for its workers’ child. It provides caring for children as their own homes. It can also take on a more formal structure, with education, child development, and discipline.


      They provide comfort, freedom and peace of mind for our workers because we have well equipped medical centre for emergency or any accidental case due to working time.

     Training Centre:

      They have well equipped training Centre for new and less skilled workers. We got very experienced instructor who made workers skilled by hands on training to the entire pattern production for all kind of clothes. Fitting and Production issues as well as Quality Control are parts of the program.

   Other Facility:

Figure :  maintain a helipad on their rooftop

Figure : keep a large space for prayer room

Figure: transport facilities for employees.

      Certification & Awards:

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